Super Health Sprays – All You Need!

The spray technology offers a better option than pills. It is more efficient, safe and convenient. Natural nutrients in Super Health sprays are delivered into the blood stream bypassing the human gastrointestinal tract. Each spray is formulated free from all the extras, such as shellac, talc, waxes, colouring, etc., normally associated with pills. The sprays are a quick and effective way to get your vitamins and minerals daily – all their ingredients are of higher quality and get absorbed more effectively than the same supplements in pills. The key factor here is a 98% absorption rate of sprays against only 10% as it is with pills.

Vitamin D3 with K2

Vit D3 with K2

Vitamin D3 and K2 work together to increase specific proteins in the body which guarding against calcium build up in coronary arteries rather than in bones. While Vitamin D helps calcium absorption in the body, vitamin K serves as the biological “glue” to plug calcium in the bones improving bone density.This blend can help stave off varicose veins and lower a risk of diabetes.


Z-MUNE with Zinc

A powerful mix of essential antioxidants ( Zinc, Vitamins E & D3) and the essential amino acid (L-Lysine). This complexer will strengthen your immune system and improve your resilience to cold and flu. It will also help repairing damage to blood vessels and cell caused by toxins and oxidants; in addition it improves production of collagen.


Feeling GOOD – 5-HTP Plus

5-HTP is an important amino acid for making serotonin (so-called the “happy hormone”) that is responsible for feelings of well being. Low serotonin levels has been linked to anxiety, obesity, carbohydrate and sugar cravings, depression and insomnia. It’s difficult to get 5-HTP from the foods. So, take several sprayings a day to keep depression and anxiety away.


CoQ10 Ubiquinol

Keeping blood levels high in CoQ10, helps you maintain your vitality and feel young. Ubiquinol – the active non-oxided form of CoQ10 which provides essential energy for your cells and protects them against oxidation stress. It strengthens your heart and overall cardiovascular system. Ubiquinol supplements is up to 6 times more effective than ubiquinone.



Effective blend of 5-HTP and L-Theanine to improve your sleep cycle, boost your neurotransmitters serotonin that helps your body to make melatonin (produced by the pineal gland in darkness). L-Theanine (found primarily in green tea) supports T cells production.


MetaBoost – Body Fat Reduction

This complexer is a natural metabolic booster designed to increase energy in cells while efficiently burning excess fat and supporting a healthy metabolism. Its ingredients include Vitamin B5, Vitamin B6, Zinc, L-Carnitine, Coenzyme Q-10 and Hydroxycitric acid.


Vitamin D3

Support immune system’s response to cough, cold and flu; Helps prevent different types of cancers; Reduces a risk of diabetes, heart disease, hypertension.



A powerful blend of vitamins (Vitamin A, C, D3, E, Biotin, Thiamine (B1), Niacin (B3), Pantothenic Acid (B5), B6, Folate (B9) and B12) is designed to support immune system; organs function; formation of red blood, nerves and muscles; prevention of skin and nerve problems; fighting toxins.


Iron Boost

Iron Boost is a natural source of dietary iron to increase energy and maintain the sufficient hemoglobin (a primary component of red blood cells that carries oxygen to your organs and tissues) in your body. Iron is also needed for proper metabolism of B vitamins and the production of myoglobin (major protein of muscle cells) and certain enzymes.


Fulvic Minerals – Multiminerals

Fulvic organic plant based minerals enable our cells to absorb nutrients and antioxidants. They restore electrochemical balance, reduces high blood pressure and rebuild the immune system.


Folic Acid – B9 with B6 and B12

Essential for the division of body cells. Needed for the utilisation of sugar and amino acid. During pregnancy can prevent spina bifida. Help prevention of some types of cancer and heart disease.


Vitamin B12

Necessary in maintaining a healthy nervous system; formation of red blood and synthesis of DNA, helps conversion of fats, carbohydrates and proteins to energy.



This is a combination of Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin C and a proprietary blend of herbs, designed to help reduce both emotional and physical stress which, in long run, can affect our immune system and lead to depression or the development of an anxiety disorder.

Bachensien Flower Essences™

Bachensien Flower Essences™ is a great collection of natural solutions designed to balance out emotions and some physical ailments. Using the best quality of raw material for best results, Bachensien Flower Essences offers you our unique proprietary formula line which is 20 times more concentrated and potent than other flower essence based products on the market.
Numerous books on the flower remedies, based on Dr Bach’s research, demonstrate how flower therapies can be a powerful tool for healing individual symptoms and restoring balance to one’s life. The years of studies and diagnostics by practitioners have produced a body of solid knowledge on using flower remedies in alternative and veterinary medicine for innumerable emotional and physical ailments.


✽ For inner harmony.
✽ For relaxation and peace.
✽ For work or study.
✽ For makes learning easier.
✽ For getting better concentration.
✽ For help with daily stress.
✽ For small pets.
✽ For a more harmonious co-existence with surroundings.

✽ For calming down anxiety.
✽ For feel free and tune.
✽ For deep relaxation.
✽ For nerves of steel
✽ For detoxing.
✽ For positive thinking.
✽ For loosing weight.
✽ For change eating habits.
✽ For a great body.

e-CHIP vs Mobile Phone Radiation

e-chip.co.uk e-CHIP (I LIKE™) is a unique protection against electro smog radiation caused by frequencies used in mobile and wi-fi communication appliances. The e-CHIP converts radiation into harmless waves by upgrading it to a positive bio resonance. This product was designed by scientists from Switzerland in collaboration with international researchers and experts in the fields of physics, traditional and alternative health. There is a proprietary magnetite-mineral mixture which is embedded in a chip. The chip can be easily attached to a mobile phone. It gets activated and charged through specific impulses provided by a special wave emission technology.

Bottle of Phytolife

PhytoLife – chlorophyll rich tonic containing Barley and Alfalfa juice extract is blended with important vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients. It will help to cleanse blood and intestinal system. Perhaps, it is the only greens product that you will ever need to maintain a healthy pH level in you body, detoxifies all organs and rebuilds cells and tissue. You can drink PhytoLife during your work day. It will keep you feeling fresh, invigorated, hydrated – it will enhances your energy and improves your overall health. Chlorophyll supplements are also recommended to patients with gastritis.

Bottle of Mistify

Packed with tropical goodness, including açai berry, pomegranate, blue berry and many other natural antioxidants extracts, Mistify provides a very powerful defence against damage by oxidation and free radical activities in your body. Modern science discovered that oxidative stress, caused by free radicals in the body, is the key factor trigging rapid aging, cancer, cardiovascular and many other diseases. A daily intake of Mistify will help to enhance vitality and energy in your body, while guarding against the ravages of free radical damage.

Energy Booster E9 with L-Arginine

Our daily activities prematurely deplete our energy levels therefore boosting energy is a vital need for each day. E9 is a health energy booster based on extracts of guarana seeds and green tea leaves that also includes a unique blend of amino acids (including L-arginine), and a combination of B vitamins.

Many unhealthy energy drinks on the shop shelves have little or no nutritional value which consequently load the body with unnecessary amounts of sugar and artificial caffeine causing the ‘sudden crash’. By contrast, E9 complexer is a low calorie formulation which provides steady high energy supply for hours – your energy gradually subside without experiencing any typical sudden crash. Enjoy this tropical flavoured drink with fast, long-lasting energizing effect.

ProArgi-9 Plus

ProArgi-9 Plus is a unique complexer with far-reaching health benefits validated by the 1998 Nobel Prize in Medicine. The product is based on naturally sourced L-arginine (amino-acid) which is the ONLY source of nitric oxide (the so-called “miracle molecule”) which helps relaxing the blood vessels, reducing stress on the heart and improving circulation. It was formulated by leading cardiologists and researchers to improve heart and cardiovascular conditions, rectal dysfunction and obesity problems.

SLM Smart Meal Replacement- Healthy Shakes

Take the guesswork out of eating right and achieve your ideal weight with SLMsmart Meal Replacement. This delicious, Health Shakes offer more benefit per sip with nutrient-rich, smart calories. The Health Shake fuels your body to keep it running at high efficiency for up to four hours.

The Health Shake also provides 26 grams of high-quality protein from three different sources (whey, casein and soy). This formula provides time-released blasts of protein for your muscles and metabolism to benefit from throughout the day. Additionally, Health Shake contains a balanced array of vitamins, minerals and healthy fats to keep you energised.

Alkaline Water from Tap

KeoSan Hexogon Filtration System includes 4 types of filters that will provide you with clean, hydrogen-rich, alkaline, mineralised and tasty water right from your tap!
As many studies show, dissolved hydrogen is an excellent antioxidant because it readily “donates” its electrons to stabilise free radicals.

Research of hydrogen-rich water also prove that it can help with many health problems. Hydrogen-rich water also improves lipid and glucose metabolism in patients with type 2 diabetes or impaired glucose tolerance.



Everybody wants to live their lives with full energy, vitality and wellbeing. All key ingredients of Arginext have been specially selected to help nitric oxide production in the body and maintaining your optimal cardiovascular health. Its combines a proprietary formula designed by Dr Siva Arunasalam MD, the director of the High Desert Heart Institute (HDH) and an Attending Cardiologist. Arginext was started with a great need after years of requests and feedback from his patients and colleagues.


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