Super Health Supplements: Vitamins and Minerals

Benefits of Super Health Sprays

  • Super Health Sprays are a patented solution for delivery high-grade vitamins, minerals, herbs, amino acids and other supplements to your body.
  • Each tube contains approximately 240 sprays that is at least one month supply of specific supplement.
  • It delivers a very consistent metered dose.
  • Rapid and effective adsorption (95-98%) through the mouth tissues called the buccal mucosa (vs only 10-12% with pills).
  • Avoid gastric degradation – take pure ingredients with no additives (pills usually contain thick layers of chalk and gelatin around to protect them against oxidation and light).
  • Easy to take: perfect for those who dislike swallowing pills.
  • Convenient: requires no water, fits easily in your pocket.

Choose Your Own Spray

Vitamin B12
Folic Acid (B9)+
Vitamin C +
Vitamin D3
Fulvic Minerals

6-SHAKES Weight-Management Pack

This weight-management pack includes 6 meal replacement shakes with a great taste and wide range of nutrients. It is designed  for people who set weight-loss and physical fitness goals to be achieved over a short period. It contains a combination of protein power and a wide range of vitamins and minerals providing all necessary nutrition to ease your cravings for food while keeping you energy level up. Take 2 shakes a day as your snacks between main meals or as supplements for your working-out in the gym.

Burn Unwanted Fat

MetaBoost complexer is a natural metabolic booster. Its formula provides you with the control you need over cravings, to boost your energy levels without jittery feelings. MetaBOOST spray will help promote the burning of unwanted fat in your body and support a healthy metabolism.

Taking MetaBoost before your exercise will increase the amount of fat burned during both anaerobic (strength training) and aerobic (cardiovascular) workouts. This helps improvement of lean muscle strength, stabilises blood sugar rate and eliminates cravings for carbohydrates. See Ingredients…

Natural Sleep Support

“Good Night” is the spearmint – flavoured melatonin based solution. It is carefully formulated to help natual sleep. Direct spray into your mouth and it will work immediately due to our unique oral spray delivery system – no waiting for dissolving ingredients in your stomach. Another great thing about “Good Night” spray – it does not leave you feeling groggy in the morning as it is in case of many other sleep aids.See Ingredients…

Natural Stress Relief

“B-Calm” Super Health spray is a combination of Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin C and a proprietary blend of herbs, designed to help reduce both emotional and physical stress. When we feel out of control of our lives for a long period of time, our minds race and our bodies produce harmful levels of stress hormones. If not dealt with, stress can can affect our immune system and lead to serious problems such as high blood pressure, depression or the development of an anxiety disorder.See Ingredients…

4-piece Cross-Section Artery Model + Instructional Card

 A high-quality anatomically correct three-dimensional models of cross-section artery is to help demonstration of arteriosclerosis development through 4 stages: normal artery, fatty streak, fibrous plaque and blockage. It shows the narrowing of the artery caused by a build up of fatty tissue (cholesterol) and plaque. The model is for Cardio-Vascular and general anatomical study, professional training and public education. Made of a durable, plastic material accurately designed and colored to represent the major structures and, in certain instances, lesions or other abnormalities as described above. Includes a detailed instructional card.

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