Dr. Shealy's study on Mistify

As Dr. Norm Shealy, a leading expert in neurosurgery at Harvard’s Massachusetts General Hospital, reveals, after a trial to examine the effects of Mistica on free radical damage. Mistifiy’s formula “reduces free radical damage by as much as 43% which is the equivalent of adding 20 years to your life”. In Dr. Shealy’s own words,“The results of the study were so impressive that I am thoroughly convinced that Mistica is a powerful and effective antioxidant. Mistica can help mitigate the effects of free radical damage in the body. This is the first, and only, example of a food supplement that I have found to have a significant impact on cellular membrane integrity.”
Dr. Shealy concludes, ” After years of examining every kind of functional food beverage, I have finally found a product that will actually make a significant improvement in oxidative damage”.