The First Wealth is Health

If you’re feeling good – nothing else matters!

All you need for Optimum Health

Super Health Sprays

Super Health sprays provide a quick and effective way to ensure your daily intake of vitamins and minerals. Their all natural high-quality ingredients will help your sleep pattern, boost immunity and enhance both mental and physical strength.
As nutrients are absorbed through the lining of the mouth (mucosa), our sprays offer a superior absorption rate (up to 100%). They are free from fillers used in pills,  convenient and ready for use at any time. Choose your sprays today!.

Choose Your High Quality Product

CAVU-NOx Boost

NOx Boost is the ideal solution to naturally take control of your blood pressure. This blend of L-Arginine, L-Citrulline, Glutathione and Vitamins will elevate nitric oxide levels, offering such benefits as cholesterol control, increased HGH production, enhanced male sexual performance,  improved memory and boosted lean muscle mass.

Bachensien Flower Solutions

Bachensien Flower Essences are a great collection of natural solutions which is based on Dr Bach’s research designed to balance out emotions and to heal physical ailments. Our unique proprietary formula  is twenty times more concentrated and potent than other  essence products on the market. 

MiTouch™ - Pain Relief!

No more aspirin or other painkiller drug is needed to get relief! MiTouch is the advanced medical unit designed to alleviates pain by passing bio-friendly frequencies through the skin. It can be used for chronic pain, musculoskeletal disorders, surgery, injury, muscle strain, cramps, labour pain and more.

EMF Protection for Phone

WE all need  the effective protection against electro smog radiation caused by frequencies used in mobile and wi-fi communication appliances. e-CHIP helps to convert radiation into harmless waves by upgrading it to a positive bio resonance. The chip can be easily attached to a mobile phone.
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