e-Chip - Protection Against Cell Phone Radiation

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What is e-Chip Protection ?

e-CHIP (I LIKE™) is a small chip which can be attached to your mobile phone and other electric devices in order to protect you from harmful rationation caused by EMF (electromagnetic frequencies) these devices produce. This product is based on the innovative techology developed by scientists from Switzerland in collaboration with international researchers and experts in the fields of physics, traditional and alternative health. They created a proprietary magnetite-mineral mixture which is embedded in a chip. After manufacturing, the e-CHIP is activated and charged by specific impulses generated through a special wave emission technology.
There is a mounting scientific data on high levels of human carcinogen caused by Mobile and Wi-Fi communication devices. Experts are calling for wider public debates regarding the safety of existing electromagnetic radiation and possible related illness such as cancer. For example, Prof Lennart Hardell, MD, has been studying a brain tumour risk associated with use of mobile and cordless phones for many years. Based on his findings, Dr Hardell is now strongly advocating against the use of mobile and wireless technology in schools.
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