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MiTouch Kit

  • MiTouch Device in Box.
  • MiTouch Treatment and User’s Guide.
  • Three pairs of patches.
  • Cables.

There are 4 modes with 4 options of the pain targeting stimulation to provide optimum efficiency and comfort.  The fifth mode is ‘Recovery’  – to treat the body’s damaged tissues by microcurrent that accelerates the entire healing process.

MiTouch is a phone sized device with touch sensitive screen. It is easy to carry and use at home or office.

Bioelectronic medicine
for injuries and aches.

MiTouch produces peripheral nerve stimulation (PNS) – gentle bio-electrical pulses which reach the affected areas and block pain signals. PNS works similar to painkillers but with no side effects as no chemicals ingested.

How to Use

There is a simple user guide that is easy to follow:

1. stick the pads to the area;
2. connect them to the device and choose a treatment mode;
3. set the level of stimulation.The lock function on the device prevents an accidental change of the settings in your pocket.

Life is too precious to live in pain. MiTouch is a result of many years of research and testing by NuroKor™ team aiming to develop the highly effective medical devices and accessories.
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