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MiTouch Kit:

1. MiTouch Device in Box.
2. Three pairs of patches.
3. MiTouch Treatment Guide and User’s Guide.
4. Cables.

MiTouch has several Pain Relief modes which deliver gentle bio-electrical pulses through the skin to the nerve endings in the affected area.

MiTouch can be used for a treatment of chronic pain, aches, back pain, muscle pain, sports injuries, sprains, strains and cramps, post-surgery pain, labour pain.

The programmed in the MiTouch unique frequencies are pain blocking signals. They encourage your brain to release endorphin – the body’s feel good chemical. The pain blocking produced by MiTouch is similar to pain blocking induced by pharmaceutical pain medications but without ingesting chemicals.
Easy to understand and operate: there are 16 modes based on three bioelectrical technologies combined to give you a complete biomedical cabinet in your pocket. Recovery functions also include the treatment by microcurrent which accelerates healing of damaged tissues.
Life is too precious to live in pain. MiTouch is a result of many years of research and testing by NuroKor™ team aiming to develop the highly effective medical devices and accessories.